Friday, February 09, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Part Three

"Watch out!" Lady Sylvia hissed, "he's seen us!"

Sure enough, the man who had so stood out strolled over to the girls' table, a smile on his handsome, if cold face. Pausing by Ms. Madison, he bowed stiffly to the well-dressed blonde, clicking his heels.

"My dear child," he smiled. "What a surprise meeting you here. May I ask what the Green Man's most accomplished agent is doing on a transatlantic liner?"

"Right now," Ms. Madison smiled sweetly, "I'm having dinner."

"And the fact that you are on the same liner as I is pure co-incidence," Rostov shook his head. "And you expect me to believe that, my little vixen?"

"Frankly?" Ms. Madison told him, "no. Given your giant ego, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you thought I was chasing you because I was madly in love with you."
"I had forgotten your sense of humour," Rostov tried to look annoyed.
"You know you don't mean that, Max," Ms. Madison purred dangerously, "you've never forgotten me, have you?"
"You laugh now," Rostov growled, "but soon you will plead with me for just a smile, Lynette."
And with those words, he stalked off, glowering.
"And that," Ms. Madison told an astonished Lady Sylvia, "is how you get the suspect to confirm your suspicions. Prime suspect is now Max Rostov. My old friend."

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