Thursday, February 15, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Part Eight

Lady Sylvia watched, as Ms. Madison stepped off the submarine, her arm in Rostov's. She could not believe her eyes - Ms. Madison, the Green Man's capable and talented assistant - falling for such a swine. And the way she looked at him!

"So," Ms. Madison asked Rostov, eyes big and misty, "what's the plan?"

"Look there," Rostov pointed to seven people in civillian clothes being led off the submarine.

"The people who vanished from the liner?" Ms. Madison enquired, still gazing into Rostov's eyes.

"You're smart, Lynette," Rostov gave the girl a squeeze, drawing a giggle from her. "The men and women we took this time."
"Who are they?" Ms. Madison asked girlishly.
"Could be anyone," Rostov shrugged.
"What?" Ms. Madison started.

"Just people," Rostov told the girl on his arm. "The sort of people you'd never notice. The people the West runs on, ordinary men and women in the street. At the moment."
"And what 're we doing to them?" Ms. Madison asked earnestly.
"I like that 'we,'" Rostov bent to kiss the blonde again. "You're a cute trick, Lynette."
"Yes..." the blonde laughed. Lady Sylvia wondered just what was wrong with her. "So, what?"
"My employers - our employers now, Lynette," Rostov smiled at Ms. Madison, "are brainwashing them, to send them back programmed to commit acts of terrorism and sabotage. To bring the West to its knees."
Lady Sylvia blanched, but all Ms. Madison did was gaze lovingly into Rostov's eyes, as if he'd told her the most wonderful thing in the world.

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