Monday, February 19, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Eleven

"The Green Man..." Rostov chuckled, before turning to Ms. Madison, a look of sly regret on his handsome face. "So, my darling Lynette, you have betrayed me."

"No," Ms. Madison shooh her head firmly. "I have betrayed no-one, Max. "And you should have known me better than to think I would. I just distracted you."

"Which you did very capably," the mercenary bowed gallantly. "But you have made one fatal mistake, my love. The Green Man must have been on that liner, and I have the passenger list."

"My yacht lies just of the island," the Green Man laughed, "hidden by radar jamming devices. So you can forget that, Rostov. Your wicked plan is finished."

"Not if I can finish you first!" Rostov cried, drawing his sword.

"That's some 'if.'" The Green Man drew a sword, shedding his hat and coat. "En garde, Colonel. Ms. Madison, Lady Sylvia, find that transmitter and destroy it. Then send a radio signal telling anyone who may be listening that this is a nest of international mercenaries."

"But who'll listen?" Rostov presented arms. "This island if off the shipping lanes, and I have an army here."

"The Royal Navy is steaming past here in a few hours," the Green Man replied, "on their way to a joint amphibious exercise with the United States. Several frigates and an aircraft carrier loaded with Commandos."

"But you will not live long enough to enjoy your triumph!" Rostov sprung on the Green Man, thrusting his sword at the masked man. It was parried easily.

"We shall see, Colonel," the Green Man chuckled, "we shall see. Girls, don't stay and watch, do as I told you!"
Ms. Madison and Lady Sylvia ran from the room, leaving the Green Man and Colonel Rostov locked in deadly combat.

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green man fan said...

In a swordfight, I'll bet a few pounds sterling on The Green Man!