Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Part One

Lady Sylvia Vaughan looked out over the bustling docks from the deck of the giant cruise liner. She shook her head, before looking across at Ms. Madison, who was waving good-bye to Michael Rake, blowing him kisses and waving.

"And you told me it wasn't serious between you two," she sighed. "Why don't you just marry him and be done with it, Lynette?"

"Can you really see me as a housewife, Sylv?" Ms. Madison laughed, indicating her fashionable outfit. "I haven't finished with being young and irresponsible yet!"

"But of course," Lady Sylvia sighed, still shaking her head. "You realise you're the loudest 'good-bye' shouter on deck, don't you?"

"No," the blonde replied artlessly. "And I have to. After all, this is a trans-atlantic cruise, isn't it?"

"And work as well," Lady Sylvia smiled. "My first case!" she smiled sweetly. "Why are we here, Lynette?"

"Worrying reports," Ms. Madison replied snappily. "Apparently the White Feather Line's ships have been docking in port missing significant numbers of passengers."

"And that's not good, is it?" Lady Sylvia shook her head. "What's our job?"

"We have to find out what it is," Ms. Madison told her new colleague. "And put a stop to it. No matter what it takes. The last liner came in with twelve passengers missing. All types and classes."

"Any pattern?" Lady Sylvia leaned forward.

"Yes," Ms. Madison shot back. "They were all passengers on a trans-Atlantic cruise."

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