Friday, February 16, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Nine

Lady Sylvia walked behind Ms. Madison and Rostov, as they stepped onto the islands. Two men, who seemed to be guards and members of Rostov's private mercenary army, saluted Rostov. He saluted back, and Ms. madison giggled kittenishly. Something, Lady Sylvia thought, was very wrong with Ms. Madison. Or the world as a whole, she told herself. But there was nothing she could do about it, so she tagged along.

"You will both dine with me tonight," Rostov announced grandly. "For now, Lady Sylvia, you will be kept safe. Lynette, you must come with me, so I can introduce you to my current employer."

"Our employer," Ms. Madison smiled foolishly, as Rostov stroked her cheek.

As Lady Sylvia was hustled away, Rostov led Ms. Madison through into a large control room. A big man in in Fez was watching a man in a chair through a screen. Lights were flashing in the man's face, as three men busied themselves around him.

"Back already, Colonel?" The man turned. A bear of a man, with a thin face and dangerously intense eyes, Ms. Madison could not help but tremble at his approach.
"Lynette," Rostov gave her a comforting squeeze. "This is Sheikh Ali Haseed of the Islamic Jihadi Army. Sheikh, this is Lynette Madison, a good friend of mine."
"I can see that," the Sheikh did not look impressed, as he eyed Ms. Madison. "And are you sure you can trust her?"
"No," Rostov replied at once, "but I'm sure she won't get off the island. Lynette, the Sheikh invented the brainwashing device, but he needed someone to get the people."
"A job you have done most well," the creepy Sheikh announced. "Soon there will be enough agents planted to destroy the West."
How will they be activated?" Ms. Madison asked.
"A radio signal which the Colonel will broadcast via the media's satellites," the Sheikh laughed. "The West will be doomed by its own technology."
He started to laugh insanely. After a while, Rostov joined in; even Ms. Madison was able to laugh a little.

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