Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part one

Prior's Hill Park, Norfolk, nestled in the park it had occupied for centuries. From atop her horse, Lady Sylvia looked down on the beautiful mansion and sighed. The park wasn't as lovely as her beloved Mainstone, but it was almost as nice. And the house was more convenient. After all, Mainstone had been bought because no-one else wanted it, while the Tarrants had owned Prior's Hill Park for centuries. And she, as a well-known debutante, was more than welcome. And they had no idea she was the Green Man's agent.

A scream rent the still air. Digging her heels into the flanks of her steed, Lady Sylvia galloped across the park to the source of the scream. She saw a man in a fawn mac, bending over the prone figure of someone else.
"Hey!" she cried out hotly, "what do you think..."
A gunshot rang out, Lady Sylvia ducked, spurring her horse onwards, zig-zagging to avoid the man's shots. As the reached him, she struck out with her riding-crop. The man dropped his gun, and Lady Sylvia leapt from her horse onto him.

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