Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Part Six

As the girls watched, a submarine surfaced close to the liner, huge and threatening. Lady Sylvia gasped at the sight, while even the well-travelled Ms. Madison registered surprise.

"I think," she told her companion, "we've found our answer."

"You're right, my beautiful Lynette," Rostov spoke from behind them. "And now you and your friend know too much. You must come with me."

"Since I personally think we don't even know enough," Ms. Madison shot back, "it 'ld be a pleasure." She completely ignored the gun that Rostov carried. "How did you stop the liners from picking up your submarine on the last few trips?"

"I don't," Rostov replied coolly, "but the ship's doctor hypnotises anyone who does see it into foretting."

"And you don't trust me to forget?" Ms. Madison smiled.

"No," Rostov laughed, "I just want to kidnap you."

"The perils of being assistant to the Green Man," Ms. Madison shook her head, "well, let me tell you..."

A jet of gas in her face rendered the blonde unconscious. Lady Sylvia was gassed a moment later. By the time they came to, the submarine was cruising on the surface, and it was no longer night. Forced up on deck, they saw a stark rock, jutting out of the Atlantic.

"My base!" Rostov laughed. "Enjoy yourself, Lynette!"

"Don't worry," she drawled languidly, "I will."

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