Saturday, February 17, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Ten

Lady Sylvia waited in the luxurious room she was locked in, wondering just what Ms. Madison and Rostov were up to. Her first mission for the Green Man, and her senior colleague had been a bad girl, joining with a dubious adventurer who was working with Islamic extremists. Even in her best party clothes, Lady Sylvia felt awful.

"Hi!" Ms. Madison strolled through the door, looking very elegant in a white satin dress and pink gloves. "Enjoying yourself, Lady Sylv?"

"No." The young aristocrat pouted. "And I don't know why I should speak to you."

"Because I'm speaking with you?" Ms. Madison smiled. "Now, come on, grumpy, it's tea-time."

Lady Sylvia followed Ms. Madison out of the room, down the corridor. She was not happy at seeing Rostov's men salute Ms. Madison. The room they entered was an elegant banqueting hall, where Rostov stood by the table, liveried servants waiting on him.

"It's lovely to see you, Lady Sylvia," he told the brunette.

"I'm just sorry you're still alive," Lady Sylvia told him.

"No elegance, I'm afraid." Ms. Madison crossed to Rostov's side. "But she didn't see all that wonderful equipment, the device that'll destroy the world, leaving only us."

"Hang on!" Lady Sylvia exclaimed, "aren't you working for some Islamic nut?"

"That's what he thinks," Rostov chuckled, "but the machine he made is under my control. When it activates, I, not he will be the master of these men and women."

Ms. Madison smiled, holding Rostov's arm, looking straight at Lady Sylvia. As the brunette watched, Ms. Madison gave her a stage wink. At that moment, the lights flickered and dimmed.
"This can't be!" Rostov ran to an intercom. "Control, "what's going on?"
Only static came through the receiver.
"Do you have a problem, Colonel?"
The new voice caused everyone to gasp. There, standing in the doorway, was the familiar figure of the Green Man.


green man fan said...

The Green Man is everywhere!

The Green Man said...

Waiting, just out of sight.... Ready to strike when the wicked expect it least.

green man fan said...

That's why you're The Green Man, and I'm just a Green Man fan.