Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carnage on the High Seas: Thirteen

Ms. Madison drew back, her breath catching in her throat. Lady Sylvia screamed so loudly that Ms. Madison was afraid she might be left deaf. The Sheikh laughed at the girls, anticipating their helplesness.

Until Ms. Madison shot him through the head.

"Come on!" she grabbed the young aristocrat's hand, "we have to get to the control room before the Royal Navy gets out of range! This island has a private army on it!"

"And Rostov?" the brunette asked.

"Dead or about to die!" Ms. Madison shouted back, as she sprinted through the door of the control room. The men there saluted her, allowing the two girls to make short work of them. While Ms. Madison smashed up the control device, Lady Sylvia ran to the microphone.

"Royal Navy squadron!" she exclaimed, "come in! This is Lady Sylvia Vaughan."

"Slyv!" a hearty voice came through the ether, "this is Admiral Sir George Brett! How's my favourite niece?"

"All the better for hearing you, uncle!" Lady Slvia laughed with relief. "Listen, I'm on Colonel Rostov's secret island base. Home on my signal!"

"Wilco, Sylv!" the noble Admiral laughed. "We're onto it!"

"Well?" the Green Man stepped into the control room. "Did you speak to them?"

"Well, of course!" Lady Sylvia laughed, "and the officer commanding's my uncle, George Brett. That means they've got at leat one carrier with them!"

"In that case," the Green Man told the girls, "we just need to get out of here."


The Girl in Grey said...

Don't you just love it when the crooks underestimate you because you're agirl?

Ms. L. Madison said...