Friday, February 02, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Twenty-Four

The Grey Tabby looked at the figure in green with shocked unbelief.

"You can't be!" he exclaimed, stumbling backwards.

"Maybe not," the Green Man told the Grey Tabby. "But when a man starts planting chemical weapons all over London, I tend to get annoyed."

"You found them?" the Grey Tabby looked suitably appalled.

"All of them," the Green Man declared confidently. "Just where you placed them. It's over, Grey Tabby."

"How?" The Grey Tabby demanded, eyes burning. "What traitor..."
"You cannot step as far into the shadows as you have without attracting the attention of the agents of the Green Man." The reply of the Green Man was grim and unyielding. "Your wickedness has been noticed. and will now pay the price."

"Just tell me the name of the traitor who sold me out!" the Grey Tabby's voice rose.
"No-one sold you out," a new voice came from the doorway. The Grey Tabby turned, before staggering back in shock.
"You!" he cried.
"Me." It was Miss Jones, but she was no longer the cold, efficient secretary of the Grey Tabby. Now attired in hunting kit, she was smiling triumphantly.
"Grey Tabby." The Green Man smiled. "May I introduce you to Lady Sylvia Vaughan, my newest agent."
"You may have foiled my plan!" the Grey Tabby cried, "but I have other plans!" The Green Man fired, but the Grey Tabby had vanished in a plume of smoke before the bullet reached his spot.

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green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

That Grey Tabby is one nefarious and elusive villain. Yet I sleep easily at night knowing that The Green Man and the Girl in Grey are working on the case to visit vengeance on that foul feline fiend.