Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Revolution! Part Two

At the Savoy, there was no thought of what might be happening in London's docklands. The glittering parade continued to pass by, elegant ladies and gentlemen dancing the night away. For her part, Ms. Madison was enjoying being back in London. cushioning her head on the shoulder of Michael Rake, she sighed, langourously closing her eyes.

"You know," Rake told the glamorous blonde, "I think you missed me."

"I know I did," she confessed. "And you've no idea how much."
"Well, there's an antidote," Rake chuckled, "and you know what it is. After New Year, I dared to hope that you were finally coming around to accepting my proposal."

"I know," Ms. Madison smiled, "and please, Mike, don't press me too hard. Or I might just accept and hate you for the rest of my life."

"You don't mean that," Rake laughed. "You know, darling, I've got something here..."

"Paging Lynette Madison!" a voice rang out across the crowded floor.

"Gotta go, sorry!" Ms. Madison kissed Mr. Rake, before scurrying off.

Michael Rake was left alone on the floor. As Ms. Madison vanished into the lobby, he extracted a little ring from his pocket.

"Ms. Madison!" the blonde plucked the 'phone from the desk.

"Ms. Madison," the familiar voice came down the line, "there is a taxi outside. You will take it to Canary Wharf."

The blonde did not argue.

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