Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Revolution! Part Eleven

Ms. Madison turned back from the windows of the Savoy, towards Andrea. She shook her head, her heart heavy.

"London's my city," she explained. "Now and forever. We need to save it."

"Lynette," the redhead sighed, "these sound like just a few crazy reds, like the people who turn up at the G8 meetings and shout a lot. The folks are just self-indulgent rich kids, determined to get governments to give away money - like the Government has any money that doesn't belong to the hard-pressed taxpayers."

"You've been listening to Rush Limbaugh again, haven't you?" Ms. Madison chuckled. "Andrea, this is a secret organisation dedicated to bringing the wicked to justice, not a branch of the Republican Party."

"But you do agree, don't you?" Andrea smiled mischievously.

Before Ms. Madison could speak, the 'phone rang. The blonde picked up the 'phone and answered in her usual crisp manner.

"Ms. Madison," the Green Man spoke. "I have checked your evidence with my agents. These people are just student anarchists and Communists. But the man you saw controlling them is not."

"That's what I've just been telling Andrea," the blonde replied swiftly. "She didn't believe me, and my father's threatened to take action if I get involved in any crime."

"The man in the top-hat is a man I have heard of," the Green Man continued. "but I do not know who he is. This gap in my knowledge will be filled."

"But, natch," Ms. Madison agreed, "I'll do the research. When do I start?"

"You will start at once," the Green Man told her. "I shall send you the necessary material. Andrea will liase with my agents."

"And the bad guys?" Ms. Madison enquired.

"There is a meeting of the Marxists tonight," the Green Man replied. "I am sending one of my agents."

"Shall I get my faded tee-shirt and sandals?" Ms. Madison asked.

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