Friday, June 22, 2007

Revolution! Part Thirteen

Breaking into a building in order to prevent a crime was something Ms. Madison had not considered possible until meeting the Green Man. Since then, she had broken into country houses and hotel rooms in order to save lives in danger, or retrieve wills. But this was somewhat different. She had, with the aid of the Green Man, broken into the Bank of England, and was now waiting there, dressed in a beautiful strapless ballgown, with a late date at the Savoy waiting for her. She checked her gun, and waited for the Communists. Let 'em try to liquidate her. They would have a lot more to lose than their chains.

A sound above her sent the blonde tip-toeing to the stair. She heard whispered voices, equipment being checked. As she crept closely, she could make out words.

"Get the bombs ready," the men whispered, "when the people of London see the Bank of England in ruins, they will know that the revolution is ready and waiting. They will join with us."

Ms. Madison shook her head. The people of London were hardly oppressed masses. Nor were they likely to think much about the destruction of a building, however big and classical. It would be rebuilt, and even if the bank's staff died, they could be re-appointed in a few days. They were deluded.
But the man she had seen the night before was no deluded Marxist. There was quite another agenda present there. What was he up to, she asked herself?

The Communists finished setting the bombs and left. Ms. Madison spent a moment or two disarming them, before stepping out into the night, setting off a couple of alarms as she did so. The Police would see only a student prank, as she removed the bombs from the building.

"Good evening..." the voice caused the blonde to start. There, not ten feet from her, was the figure in top hat and cape. Ms. Madison tried to see his face, but it seemed there was nothing there. A wind whipped through her hair.

A suuden spray of gas caused the blonde to pass out.


green man fan said...

"Let 'em try to liquidate her. They would have a lot more to lose than their chains."

And hard-boiled lines like these are why I tune my radio into The Vengeance of the Green Man...

Ms. L. Madison said...

I've been studying my Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane in order to take the next level of the crime-fighter's diploma.