Friday, June 08, 2007

Revolution! Part Five

Ms. Madison followed hard on their heels, her own heels clattering on the steps that led down into the underground station. She heard a train coming and leapt the remainder of the way down. That was a mistake, for she slippd and landed rather inelgantly, losing one shoe. Kicking off the other one, she ran to the platform, and was just in time to leap through the fast closing doors of a carriage.

The train was heading into the city, and all she could do was hope that her quarry was on it. And they'd better have a good excuse for shooting at her. She noticed people looking at her strangely, and stuck out her tongue at them. Let them stare at the girl in the ballgown without shoes! She was on the trail of evildoers!
At the next station, she leapt out of the train, checked to shee whether any of the people she recognised got off the train, and leapt back into the next carriage, a procedure she repeated with each station, until she reached the middle of the train, by which time she had begun to wonder whether the baddies had ever got on the train at all. At Liverpool Street, however, she knew she'd been right. The train stopped, and the men leapt out. Ms. Madison hurried after them, drawing the gun from her purse.

Before she could do a thing, however, the lights went out, and the whole underground was plunged into darkness. The last thing Ms. Madison saw was one of the men turn towards her.

A gun roared amid the cries of panic.

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