Saturday, June 02, 2007

Revolution! Part One

Dusk fell over London's docklands, the mighty towers of Canary Wharf lighting up like Christmas trees out of season. The temples of commerce burned like the temples of Baal, had the temples of Baal been possessed of electric lights and been several stories high. This was the might of commerce, London in her pride. All around, men and women slipped away, tired and ready to return home, drained by the service of money.

If they had only known that, below, a few men and women were plotting, looking for a place to locate dubious things, a chink in the armour of what they saw as the cathedral of capitalism. They wore ripped jeans and tee-shirts and generally looked out of place.

The device attached to the nearest bit of cable and climbed up it, settling just out of sight. The small group left, a few of them laughing.

The device settled, apparently not meaning to do anything. Indeed, nothing happened there for a very long time. However, at about midnight, the device lit up. Somewhere in the computer systems, thousands was wiped off stocks.

The panic the next day was very real, and the relief when the device was located was palpable. At least for a few moments. For the Police read the words on the device.

"This was planted by the Revolutionary brotherhood of Marx. It is a warning. Next time is for real."


Anonymous said...

"labels: revolution"

See you in Gitmo!


Ms. L. Madison said...

You should see the Green Man's prisons. They're sort of like the one in Cuba. Only darker and without food.