Thursday, June 21, 2007

Revolution! Part Twelve

The meeting was, as might be assumed, on a university campus, in a shared kitchen of a student hall of residence. Ms. Madison wore a fluffy sweater and jeans, and looked rather like the campus sweetheart from an old film. She was smiling and looked young and healthy. Accordingly, the persons with untidy clothes and dubious personal grooming regarded her with some suspicion. She just made a few remarks about smartness not being a capitalist trait. She pointed out that her parents actually were working class, making a few people look annoyed.
At last, someone got up to speak, making Ms. Madison rather relieved. He was an unshaven young men who had probably not brushed his hair in a few months. If not years. Ms. Madison fought the desire to tremble at his scruffiness.

"Last night," he declared, "our second strike against the heart of Capitalism was foiled by an agent of capitalism. One our our agents was shot, and we were forced to escape."

Various people booed, and a few people tried clenched-fist salutes. Ms. Madison shook her head. Why, she asked herself, was this sort of thing still going on, why was it accepted on a university campus? If these people had been displaying Nazi insignia and making the Nazi salute, they would have been banned right away. But Communisim, a political force that had killed its hundreds of millions to Nazism's tens of millions was seem as being somehow acceptable.

The blonde's political musings completed, she listened to the speech. It was not a good one, consisting mostly of Marxist clich├ęs. But when he got to substance, Ms. Madison's ears pricked up.

"We shall strike again tonight!" he announced, "our leader has picked a new target - the very heart of Capitalism! The Bank of England! Tonight we shall blow it up!"

Ms. Madison was only just able to suppress a gasp of horror. Suffice it to say, however, that she was able to do so. Accordingly, no-one noticed her, as she managed to appear as intense as anyone else there. Thus Ms. Madison was able to get away without being captured, breaking a rather unfortunate precedent.

She had to be there.

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