Thursday, June 14, 2007

Revolution! Part Nine

Andrea stepped off the 'plane, into the very heart of the city. Glittering towers of steel dominated the scene, reminding the redheaded girl of the mighty cities of America. Whistling a merry tune, heels tapping on the concrete of the runway, she passed easily through customs. As soon as she left the airport, she was passed a package wrapped in oilskin, her gun. She smiled, feeling thoroughly equipped.

The redhead hailed a taxi, asking to be taken to the Savoy. As she did so, a man in a fawn mackintosh registered her. Reaching into his pocket, he dialled a number on his mobile 'phone.

"Hullo," he whispered, "Scotland Yard. This is Sergeant Joseph. Andrea Van just entered Britain on a false passport."

On the bank of the Thames, Ms. Madison was woken up by the insistent ringing of the 'phone. She reached for it sleepily, expecting the strange tones of the Green Man.

"Ms. Madison here," she sighed lazily.

"Lynette!" the voice started her out of bed, for it was the voice of her father, Superintendent Horace Madison of Scotland Yard. "What exactly is your friend up to?"

"Friend..., what?" she asked confused.

"I know you work for the Green Man!" the detective exclaimed hotly. "Well, his trigger girl arrived at the City of London Airport a few minutes ago. If anyone gets murdered...."

"I'll make sure I'm no-where near," she chuckled. "The stakes are too high otherwise, daddy. But last night I heard threats so terrible I had to act."

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