Friday, June 15, 2007

Revolution! Part Ten

Ms. Madison gave her father an edited version of the events of the previous night, leaving out the illegal use of firearms by herself. What he didn't know, she reasoned, wouldn't worry him. Besides, the most important thing was the threat which the man in the top hat had made. Describing him, she declared, with feeling: "He looked just like Jack the Ripper."

"Who you know well, of course," the detective looked grumpy. "Lynette, this cloak-and-dagger business is playing havoc with your nerves. Mr. Rake called me last night, you know..."

"Let's just say I suspected," she shot back. "Daddy, London's in deadly danger, and all you can do is worry about my love life. I can cope with Mike, you know that..."

"After New Year," came the reply, "I was hoping you'd be doing a lot more than that. The Green Man's trouble, Lynette, danger."

"And that's what I love about my life," she shot back. "I'm a big girl now, daddy, I can choose my own way."

"You think you're a big girl," the detective growled. "You're not too big to have a good spanking one of these days..."

"Daddy!" Ms. Madison exclaimed, "London's in danger!"

"And so are you!" her father barked. "If you so much as step out of line, so help me, I'll have you down here before you know what's hit you - understand!"

"No," Ms. Madison replied defiantly, before putting down the 'phone.

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