Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Vengeance of the Green Man: Part Fifteen

"Yes," the Green Man stepped further into the room. "I knew that Trevelyan was one of your people, that he was a plant. He will serve you no more..."

"You can't!" the monocled man exclaimed hotly, "the terror stands ready."

"One of the dishes that send the terror no longer works," the Green Man explained. "Your man Trevelyan broke it when he fell through it."

"My men..." the man exclaimed, face blanching.

"Have been drawn into the bush, to be destroyed by tribesmen," the Green Man laughed.

"So, the Green Man seeks to take the terror for himself," the man laughed.

"No," the Green Man shook his head. "Your machine will be destroyed. There are some things that should never see the light of day."

"You would destroy the terror?" the man laughed. "It has been built! You will never hold back progress."
"But I will keep you from unleashing this evil on the world," the Green Man replied. "Maybe another man will make the same discovery as you, and maybe I will have to kill him as well. But a weapon of this sort is a crime against humanity. For this reason, it will not survive."
"You can't..." the man drew a gun from his waistcoat. The Green Man's gun spoke once. The man crumpled to the ground.
"It's over..." Ms. Madison rose, moving towards the Green Man.
"A fitting end for his kind," the Green Man looked down on the corpse.

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