Friday, May 18, 2007

The Terror: Part Twelve

Ms. Madison was not pleased that the men did not leave the room while she dressed, but waited, drooling as they watched her every movement. She resolved to do them some serious harm at the earliest possible opportunity. Preferably life-ending. But as things stood, there was nothing to be done but do as they said.

Still blushing, the blonde followed the men down the long corridors of the mansion, down a big flight of stairs, towards a mighty room, lined with marble columns. In the middle of the room was a great table, weighed down with food.

"Your meal awaits you, girl," the men told her, rather callous.

Ms. Madison stuck out her tongue at the men, as they left the room. Once sure she was alone, she waited there, sneaking a few nibbles of the food, while her tummy rumbled disturbingly. Maybe it didn't look stylish, but she was one hungry lady.

Needless to say, Ms. Madison was not surprised when a voice from the door caused her to start violently, dropping some food.

"Good evening, my dear," a monocled man spoke softly. "You have come a long way. "And you will eat well. Then you will learn the secret that hides here. After that, you will die."

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