Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Terror: Part Fourteen

The monocled man turned pale at the words of the scornful blonde. He rose from his seat, holding in his monocle. Confusion was written across his face.

"You're what?" he demanded.

"I'm the Green Man's secretary," Ms. Madison spoke defiantly. "I work for the Green Man. And you have been noticed."

"Then there's no time!" the man grabbed for an intercom. "Control room!" He spoke urgently. "Activate the device!"

The blonde stood slowly. Now Ms. Madison was enjoying herself.

"What range does the device have?" she asked idly.

"Far enough," the man with the monocle smiled back. "It can reach as far as Cape Town. So today Cape Town will find one of its suburbs full of dead people - people frozen to death."

"Not if the Green Man stops you first," Ms. Madison shook her head.

"But I," the man laughed, "can stop the Green Man. You see, I have planted an agent in the camp of the Green Man, and he will lead then into a trap."

"But he will fail."

At that very moment, the Green Man stepped into the room.

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