Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Terror: Part Eight

Ms. Madison ran out onto the terrace, gun in hand, expecting to see all sorts of battle, murder and sudden death. There she saw a short man in a pith helmet, hands behind his back. And around him were a number of grizzled mercenaries in jungle kit. All started at the sight of the slight blonde in a bathing-suit.

"What the..." the man turned, eyes flashing.

"Ms. Lynette Madison." The girl raised her gun slowly. "And you?"

The man started towards Ms. Madison. She shot one of his goons in the leg, before slugging another with her gun. In spite of her relaxed, aristocratic bearing, she was a thunderstorm of violence, as men went flying.

The man in the pith helmet swore, as another blow from Ms. Madison's fists sent men staggering this way and that. Her little gun spoke a few more times, men crumpled before the girl's attack.

But it couldn't last. She was only one against a skilled unit of mercenaries. And one of the men who had not been knocked out was able to get in the one blow that was all he needed to knock her out.

By the time thatLady Sylvia made it out onto the terrace, Ms. Madison was no-where to be seen. But she didn't notice that at first.

All she could hear was the thunder of the falls.

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