Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Terror: Part Seven

Ms. Madison looked up at the azure sky and sighed. She felt the hot sun on her slim form and decided that, all things considered, there were decided advantages in working for the Green Man. A little way away, Lady Sylvia lazed under the sun, dangling one hand in the pool.

"Why hasn't anyone been killed yet?" she asked idly.

"Maybe because this evil needed to take a rest," the blonde sighed. "There have been long gaps between these disappearances, Slyv. One reason we're here now is the last disappearances."

"Then why the gaps?" Lady Sylvia enquired.

"Some sort of machine, I'm guessing," Ms. Madison replied. "That sort of thing probably needs a lot more juice than they can regularly supply out here. The Green Man's looking for the source right now."

"And us?" the young aristocrat asked earnestly.

"We stick around here and wait for our mission to present itself," Ms. Madison laughed. "Which is fine by me."

Lady Sylvia laughed happily, stretching under the sun. Even so, she checked her pocket pistol.

Which was just as well, for, moments later, a terrifying scream split the air. Ms. Madison started to her feet, lost her balance, and fell into the pool with a scream. Lady Sylvia ran for the source of the sound, gun in hand.

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