Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Terror: Part Eleven

Lady Sylvia came to slowly, her head throbbing nastily. She sat up, rubbing the back of her head. She could feel a large bump developing there, and there was a great deal more mobility there than there should be. She winced, swinging badly grazed legs off the bed on which she was laid.For once, Lady Sylvia was glad there was no mirror in the room. She had to be an absolute mess!

Hoping that the windows did not reflect too much, she crossed to them. Itwas clear that she was now inside the house, which was a classical-style mansion, hidden deep in the African jungle. This had to be the base for the mysterious activities which had been spooking Victoria Falls.

The parched grounds were patrolled by more fierce looking mercenaries, something that surprised Lady Sylvia not one whit. With the sun sinking low on the horizon, it was clearly nearing six o'clock. Close to the tropics, Zimbabwe's night and day are almost equal in length. And then there were things that might be done.

Not so far away, Ms. Madison was sat down, looking over the lawn. Dressed in pink silk undergarments, she wished that her captors had chosen to supply her with more in the way of clothes. Even so, she was planning some mayhem.

Before she could plan any more, the door of the room opened. There stood two mercenaries and a black girl in a white uniform.

"You must be good," one man declared. "The commander wants to see you."

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