Friday, May 11, 2007

The Terror: Part Nine

And the thunder of the falls was everything that Lady Sylvia heard. No other sound disturbed her thought - and that was enough to concern her a great deal. Looking about her, she saw the guests looking at the exit, presumably towards the spot where the bad guys had left. Wrapping her robe about herself, Lady Sylvia ran in that direction. He feet made no sound on the flagstones of the hotel, as she ran out of the hotel compound, and onto the streets of Victoria Falls, quite unconscious of her personal safety. Seeing Ms. Madison being loaded onto a car by a group of armed men, the young Aristocrat launched herself at them.

Somehow, the bullets all missed her. One sandalled foot connected with the jaw of a mercenary, and he slept.

The car with Ms. Madison in it sped away, as Lady Sylvia mixed it with the remaining mercenaries. The training she had received since joining the Green Man's team showed, as the dangerous beauty avoided all but the most trivial of blows. Conducted in absolute silence, there was an unreal quality to the battle, until the last punch. Lady Sylvia heard that one, and the sound the man made when he hit the ground.

She found the keys still in the ignition, seated herself behind the wheel, and started up the vehicle. Careless of her state of dress, the brunette let in the clutch and started off.
There was only one way she could go. Towards the falls.

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