Monday, December 18, 2006

The Creeping Thing: Part Two

Ms. Madison got to Euston with time to spare. Collecting the suit case the Green Man had left for her, she mde her way swiftly to the train. She hurried up the platform, her heels tapping an urgent tattoo on the concrete of the platform. Still dressed in her party frock, she drew the gazes of most people there. Even in First Class, where she seated herself, Ms. Maidon stood out. Adding to the strangeness, the blonde unpacked her laptop computed and began to serch her files for records of what might be going on in the Wrexham area. When she found nothing, she packed it up again, lay back, and lowly drifted off to sleep.

She did not sleep so well. Having fought with Mr. Rake, she now felt bad about having left him as she had. In spite of everything, she was fond of the man, and did not want to hurt him. Or, if she was honest with herself, lose him to another. At last, she removed her 'phone from her handbag, and called Rake's number.

The 'phone rang a few times, and Ms. Madison prayed that he would pick up. At last, it was answered.

"Michael Rake," the familliar voice brought a smile to the blonde's lips.

"Mike!" she breathed a sigh of relief, "look, about tonight..."

"I was a fool," the gentleman replied gallantly. "You should keep that job. When the time comes, we'll talk about marriage again."

"You're a pal!" Ms. Madison laughed. "And, listen, if I can't make New Year's, I'll be over soon after."

After which, she was cut off by a tunnel. Still, reassured by his words, she was able to doze off, waking just as the train was pulling into Chester Station. She got a guard to help with her baggage, as she caught the train to Wrexham. There, the elegantly dressed girl stepped off onto a deserted platform. Waiting beneath the station clock, it was half an hour before a liveried chauffeur approached her.

"Lynette Madison?" he asked in rustic tones.

"The same," she smiled. "Who are you?"

"John Jones, driver to Mr. Lemon, Miss," the driver informed her. "You're a guest at the Hall, aren't you?"

"But of course," the blonde laughed, handing him her bags.

The drive to the Hall was one of mystery. She saw nothing of the countryside, only the stars in the night sky. Tired in spite of her snooze on the train, she was only vaguely aware of arriving at a great house. Once there, she was shown to her room by a housemaid, through cavernous recepition rooms. Once sure that this was her room, she changed and fell gratefully into bed.

She slept like a log. Except for one episode that will live forever in memory. At some point in the night, she was woken by the sound of a terrifying cry from outside.


The Girl in Grey said...

Yes, those terribly cries can be awful.

Ms. L. Madison said...

So can the terrifying ones. I nearly jumped out of my skin!

The Girl in Grey said...

And last night a man trying to burgle our home found Emily. THAT scream woke the whole street.