Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Cosmic Crime: Part Twelve

With the coming of dusk, the Green Man and Andrea (the latter now wrapped in the robe of a now departed member of the Order of Cain), made their way to an entrance of the underground fortress of the Order. Both were carrying guns. The Green Man took a moment to open the door, but did not enter, blocking the redhead from entering.

"That's going to set off an alarm," the Green Man told his associate. "There's an open ventilation shaft twenty minutes walk from here."

"And booby-traps?" Andrea looked worried

"There were." The Green Man confirmed. "I forced one of the Order of Cain to open it for me and run down the shaft. "There was a flame-thrower half way down. Now you just have to step over the charred corpse by the open panel. And another one of them found the device that cuts people in half."

They hurried over the rocks of the island. One of the Order of Cain saw them and turned, raising his sub-machine gun. The Green Man gunned him down with a silenced revolver. Away to the left, someone shouted. Clearly the guards were placed in such a way that his fellows could see if he went down.

For another that might have spelt the end. With the Green Man, it just spelt more dead guards. At last, they reached the open ventilator. Andrea ducked inside, while the Green Man closed it again. Drawing a pencil torch, he led the way down the passage, towards the heart of the complex.

"Are you sure about this?" Andrea whispered, her voice still echoing down the shaft.

"We can't afford doubt," the Green Man's reply was stoic. "Not with what's at stake. If we fail, millions of people will die."

"And Lynette?" Andrea sounded even more worried.

"She knows the stakes," the Green Man sighed. "She's always known them. As have you and I."
"It still doesn't make the thought of putting on a black dress to go to her funeral any more cheering," Andrea nodded soberly. "Still, for all we know she's still very much alive."
"She is," the Green Man confirmed. "As long as life goes on, Ms. Madison will go on. She's that sort of girl. A survivor."

Andrea smiled bravely, and carried on after the Green Man, grasping her gun tightly. As they approached closer to the humming core of the complex, they fell silent. As the shaft narrowed, they began to look for a way out. At last, they found a hatch. Opening it slowly, the Green Man checked the surroundings, before dropping into a loading bay. Andrea followed.
She was just about to ask the Green Man what their next move would be, when dozens of black robed figures leapt from the shadows. She and the Green Man opened fire. Soon the air was full of hot lead. Andrea doubled up, feeling a stabbing pain in her side. As she fell to the ground, she saw a gunshot spin the Green Man around. Slowly, he toppled into the dock.


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

The Green Man looks awfully similar to The Green Hornet. Were they separated at birth?

Ms. L. Madison said...

The Green Man is the Great-Great-Great Grandson of Zorro on his mother's side, and the Great-Great Grandson of the Lone Ranger on his father's, although this from a branch of the family who settled in England after the Second World War, his grandfather marrying Lady Marion Locksley, a descendant of Robin Hood. His parents met in Mexico City, where the De La Vegas have a sizeable mansion.

As the Green Hornet is also related to the Lone Ranger, a degree of physical resemblance is to be expected. Uniting the bloodlines of two great masked adventurers, and that of Robin Hood, he tried to avoid his destiny, but was ultimately unable to resist the pull of fate.

Lynnette Madison,
The Green Man

The Savoy Hotel, London.

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

Ms. Madison --- thank you very much for clearing up the confusion.

As for sports heritage, I would imagine that the people in the family line of the Green Man would be catchers if they played baseball and goalies if they played hockey ... all positions that require a mask.

Thank you again for your yeo(wo)man's work on this issue, Ms Madison.

Ms. L. Madison said...

All in a day's work (along with being shot at, gassed, nearly drowned and sent to the middle of no-where to have my life threatened).