Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Cosmic Crime: Part Five

The girls arrived at the gates to the estate just as the sun was sinking low in the sky. Bare trees stood proudly on the horizon, as the clouds seemed to fly away, as they will one day, when things hidden are revealed, and when all justice will be delivered. A terrible and righteous justice.

They stopped the car beyond the walls, and waited a while before climbing them. Ms. Madison was glad that she'd decided to wear jeans for a change. However elegant a burglar may look in a dress, that elegance is not improved by the effects of climbing over a wall and making one's way through undergrowth. Ms. Madison flicked on her torch briefly, making a scan of her surroundings, before hurrying on towards the house. Andrea followed in her steps, gun in one hand.

"Why are we here?" she not unnaturally enquired.

"The Green Man knows," Ms. Madison replied, confident. "The man who lives here, Jameson Line, is a supporter of the Order of Cain, and the Green Man believes he might know a little of the Order's plans."

"Even if he's a mug who they're just using?" the armed redhead spoke softly.

"Even if, my dear Andrea." The familiar deep voice of the Green Man caused both girls to start.

"The Green Man!" the two girls looked up at the tall figure who stood in the gloom.

"In one," the Green Man chuckled. "I've just come from the mansion, and it would seem that Mr. Line knew something about the Order's plans."

"Knew?" Ms. Madison's voice was filled with foreboding.

"He was packing, ready to leave America for Switzerland," the masked figure replied, looking towards the darkened mansion. "But he'll never make it. In fact, he'll never go anywhere again. He's dead."

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