Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Butler Did it: Two

Henry Tremble, butler to Judge Johnes of Dolaucothi, has long cherished the idea of running the Dolaucothi Arms in Pumpsaint, Carmarthenshire. He believes that Judge Johnes has promised him the post. Then, one day in August, he is summoned into the Judge's study. There, the judge tells him that he is to be dismissed for misconduct.

As Tremble lies in bed that night, wide awake, his thoughts keep on returning to that conversation. He knows that he'd neglected his duties a bit of late, but it wasn't really that bad, was it? He convinces himself that these were just little indiscretions, nothing much....

Soon, Tremble has convinced himself that he has been wronged. He is a victim. The Judge attacked him, hated him after years of faithful service.

That hatred continues throughout the day, and all of the next night. It builds throughout the day, as Judge Johnes reminds Tremble that he has to be gone by the next morning. He even offers to put him up in the Dolaucothi Arms, but that only adds insult to injury.

That night, Tremble decides there is only one thing to be done. Judge Johnes has to be made to see sense.

He takes his shotgun down off the wall, and goes to the Judge's study to confront the man. He does not think of what he might do if the Judge refuses his request.

And that's just what old Judge Johnes does. He is not used to being threatened, and he refuses, telling Tremble not to be so stupid.

Tremble sees red. And he pulls the trigger.

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