Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Creeping Thing: Part Five

There was silence for a long time, as the news of the horror sunk in. Ms. Madison was, not unsurprisingly, the first to recover some of their wits. That said, however, she was not able to show this, but had to wait until Mr. Lane, the only man present, recovered his compsure. She secretly despised Lane, who was clearly terrified.

"B...but how?" he asked, incredulous.

"The same way as the men and women in the village," the woman explained, still tearful. "Attacked by something hideously powerful, so powerful it can break a man's neck. "

"I know that," Lane looked annoyed. "But with all the security Mr. Lemon had surrounding him..."

"All the protection in the world can't stop a determined killer," Ms. Madison replied.

"You know?" Lane glared at her.

"I heard it somewhere." Ms. Madison did not lie. Nor did she tell the whole truth. She had heard it from the Green Man in the early days of working for him.

"And I believe you." Ms. Lemon nodded soberly. "After all, my husband is dead, in spite of all his precautions."

"I'm sorry," Ms. Madison's voice dropped to a sympathetic whisper. "Really, even if..."

Before she could say any more, the dark haired woman clouted her in the mouth. All the blode could do was look at her in mute amazement.

"What do you know, you tramp!" the woman yelled. "When you come down here..."

"Er... Mrs. Lemon..." Alan Lane sighed. "This is Lynette Madison, not Nora. She couldn't come."

Mrs. Lemon tunred very red, before fleeing.

Lane could only laugh. But, as he looked upwards to something above Ms. Madison. The colour drained from his face. Turning, Ms. Madison saw it. The ruins of a huge house, hovering over the moor, like some great brooding presence. Then, before she could say anything more, she heard the same sound that had awaken her.

Coming from the house.

She followed Mrs. Lemon to the house. Snatching up the nearest 'phone, she dialled the secret number that connected her to the Green Man.


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

What is the phone number of The Green Man? I have some evil that requires vanquishing...

Ms. L. Madison said...

Only I get that number! It wouldn't be secret otherwise, would it?