Friday, December 29, 2006

The Creeping Thing: Part Eight

The Green Man stopped his car at the end of the drive which led to the decaying house. Its bulk showed up through the gloom, somehow very sinister and frightening. Built in the Tudor style, it clearly belonged to the early part of the twentieth century. While the Green Man stepped away from the car, drawing his gun, Ms. Madison put on lace-up walking boots. In the bleak landscape of the moor, she felt decidedly out of place in her party dress. She left her handbag behind, after drawing a little silver automatic from it. She meant to be ready for whatever evil lurked in that house.

Still, she hurried to catch up with the Green Man, a little beathless with fear. She had heard the thing that lurked in that building, hidden in the shadows, and she had no wish to meet it close up, alone.

"The house looks deserted," the Green Man observed, still holding fast to his gun. "But it would, even if it was actually inhabited. "That way the people would stay away, especially with the noises that you described.

"The noises I heard twice!" Ms. Madison bridled, "and other people heard it, in case you think I was just getting over-wrought."

"I know you better," the Green Man chuckled. "If you heard something, it was there. Now, come on, Ms. Madison. We've work to do."

The Green Man and his companion made their way to the door, which hung open on broken hinges. Ms. Madison went ahead of the Green Man, if only so she would be seen if she was attacked.

The rooms were mostly roofless, open to the sky. But the rooms to the right of the hallway were still roofed. It was into this section that they moved, the Green Man flicking on a torch.

"This is lonesome," Ms. Madison whispered. "I suppose it's nothing like that old place Mr. Rake and I went to when we fancied a spot of quiet necking. I sat down on the stairs but they fell on me."

"Which explains one of your rare absences," the Green Man chuckled. "I trust your leaving Mr. Rake at the Savoy wasn't too difficult."

"It was a rescue," Ms. Madison sighed. "We were fighting. He wants me to give up this job and marry him."

"And you?" the Green Man chuckled.

Before Ms. Madison could answer, the thing howled, close at hand. Ms. Madison jumped, her free hand grabbing the Green Man's arm.

"I'm thinking that might not be a bad idea right now," she trembled slightly, as the Green Man kicked open a door. At once, a great light went on, blinding the duo.

There, seated in the room, was the figure of a man.

"Come in," he spoke softly. "I've been expecting you."


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

The suspense is killing me. What is the secret of the creeping thing? And will Ms Madison marry Mr Rake? And will The Green Man continue to vanquish the unjust, wicked, and evil?

I must know the answers to these.

Ms. L. Madison said...

In order:

1. Wait for the next thrilling installment of 'The Creeping Thing.'

2. Your guess is as good as mine.

3. You bet your life.