Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Creeping Thing: Part Seven

Ms. Madison spent the rest of the day getting to know her fellow guests - at least all that part of the day which was not spent talking to police. She found them to be the predicatable mixed bag. Two couples; John and Mary Ivers and Robert and Joan Key; three unattached young men; Alan Lane, Robin Footeman and Joseph Chambers; and four young women, apart from herself, Mary Martin, Jocelyn Lake and two sisters by the name of Sant, Lillian and Irene. They were rich, idle and scared of the thing out on the moor. She just knew that the Green Man was the only person who could help them. They were quite unable to help themselves.

The night saw another party, Ms. Madison changing into another smart party dress. She had to sing a few songs, but no more than that. However the Green Man had got her this job, it wasn't a bad one. Ms. Madison had once considered a career in entertainment, and was glad to see she was still good.

The party was full of music and laughter. It was as if the guests were trying very hard to forget the awful things that had taken place. Ms. Madison did not blame them, even if it seemed very decadent. Lane spent a great deal of time talking to her, which got Ms. Madison some nasty looks. After all, she was supposedly just the entertainment.

At last, the party ended. As the guests went to bed, Ms. Madison chanced a wander in the grounds. As she passed behind the gardens, a familiar figure stepped out from the shadows.

"Green Man!" the blonde sighed deeply. "Boy, am I glad to see you!"

"Good evening, Ms. Madison." He chuckled. "Shall we go for a drive?"

"Where... where to?" the blonde asked.

"Out on the moor." The Green Man's reply was what she had expected.

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