Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Creeping Thing: Part One

London by night is, as someone once observed, a beautiful sight. All the more so at Christmas time, with it millions of twinkling lights, people thronging its streets to buy presents for their nearest and dearest. And, the closer one gets to the day itself, so the restaurants and hotels book up for Christmas parties and revels. There are few places that are not crowded, although some of the more exclusive hotels seem to manage well enough. Full of music and dancing, the Savoy Hotel retains its atmosphere of exclusivity.

And, while she is in London, this hotel is the dwelling-place of the stylish and competent Ms. Madison, secretary and assistant to the mysterious Green Man, his companion of many adventures. Currently resting after an adventure which could have seen the destruction of millions, Ms. Madison is dancing with her long-time admirer and would-be fiancé, Mr. Michael Rake, swaying slowly to the music of the band, while tripping the light fantastic.
"Lynette, darling," Rake spoke softly, holding her close, "where have you been for the last few weeks?"

"Business, Mike," the blonde looked away from him, towards the band. "You know I have to travel a lot for my boss. You said it was all right." Her tone was warm, appealing, with a slight note of warning.
"You know," Rake sighed, "I wish I could meet this employer of yours. I'd probably feel a lot better about these trips if I did..."
"You just need to trust me," she gently chided him. "What he's like shouldn't matter."
""Shouldn't," Rake pointed out. "Look here, darling, the way you do things suggests you care more about him than me. Going off on a moment's notice..."
"I get paid to do that!" Ms. Madison flushed. "I do happen to work for him! And I get paid extra for the times I rush off at a moment's notice. I told you all about my job when you asked me out. I thought you agreed not to go on at me about it!" There was a note of fragility in the blonde's voice.

Before the tiff could develop into a serious fight, a page approached nervously, bearing a piece of paper.
"Ms. Madison?" the young man asked.

"Yes?" Ms. Madison looked at him, smiling.

"'phone call for you," the page looked up at her.
"That'll be the boss," Ms. Madison gave Mr. Rake a hard look. "Probably another job. And, before you even think of objecting, I'm going. We can resume our conversation when I get back to London!"
And, with that, the lovely blonde marched out of the ballroom, picking up a telephone in the hotel's grandiose foyer.
"Ms. Madison," she spoke calmly.
"This is the Green Man." The expected voice came down the wire. "Go at once to Euston Station. Take the eleven o'clock train to Liverpool. Disembark at Chester and take a train to Wrexham. There, you will be picked up by a station wagon. You are going to a Country House party, my dear."
"Can I take anyone?" she asked mischievously.
"Too dangerous." The Green Man was emphatic. "You will know more soon. Your luggage is at the station."
And, with that, the line went dead. Pausing only to pick up her fur wrap, Ms. Madison rushed outside, into a waiting cab.
"Euston!" she called, looking down at her watch. She had twenty minutes.


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

What's the point of living without romance and marriage? Poor Mr Rake....he must really have something for Ms Madison if he keeps putting up with this.

Couldn't Ms Madison have some time off while The Girl in Grey accompanies the Green Man? Everybody would win.

The Girl in Grey said...

I'm afraid Ms. Madison doesn't see it that way. I'd LOVE to take over for her. Of course, if she really feels that strongly about keeping me away from the Green Man, I'm sure Scruff would be willing to fill in. And she doesn't have the sort of demand for designer clothes Lynette does (admittedly, she's not so photogenic either). So she's sixteen, she's pretty capable.

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

Girl in Grey --- has Ms Madison not read of your kiss with The Green Man?

Ms. L. Madison said...

If Mr. Rake stopped making a big thing about my job, I might consider it.

Besides, I have taken time off recently.

The Girl in Grey said...

I think she has, which is why she might not be taking time off again for a while.