Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked: Part Two

The taxi swept through the gates of the great house, up a drive that had clearly seen better days. Lady Sylvia looked out at the park and wondered whether her brother had bought or rented the house. Perhaps he had even inherited it, for Lord Ambrose Vaughan, second son of an Earl, was a man of mystery, even to his own family. His long absences from the family circle were put down sometimes to business trips and at other times to random holidays. Maybe Greyminster Park was another of his little hideaways, known to few, but now disclosed as he used it to advance through the ranks of society. Certainly her elder brother was a clever man, although this he seldom showed, preferring to appear the perfect aristocrat, relaxed and charming, verging on lazy.

The house proved to be a rather plain building, shrouded in ivy. Lady Sylvia stepped out onto a well-kept forecourt, the driver opening the door for her. There by the door was the smiling figure of Lord Ambrose Vaughan.

"Ambrose," she hurried up to him. "Is it true you're standing for the Parliamentary division?"
"And why not, Sylv?" he smiled, "after all, father was an MP for years, wasn't he? It's not like its a full-time job or anything. Besides, Greyminster's always been held by the other side, so it's not like it's going to be more than a little fun. But what 're you doing down here? I thought you were relaxing at Mainstone with your pals after that regrettable incident in Wales."

"I was," Lady Sylvia nodded earnestly, "but the Green Man called and told us to go up to Greyminster."

"Oh." Lord Ambrose's eyes widened. "Did he say why, sis?"
"Nothing." Lady Sylvia shook her head. "At least, Lynette didn't say anything. Do you know why, Ambrose? I mean, you are in contact with local politicians, aren't you?"
"Sylv," Lord Ambrose chuckled, "in my experience, local politicians are the least likely to know the sort of things the Green Man is interested in. Of course, if you'd like to help with my campaign..."
Lady Sylvia rolled her eyes in disgust.

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