Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Twenty-Eight

The waves continued to mount, as the Green man and his companions watched in horror. The Grey Tabby paced up and down, looking at the screens, then back to the radion receiver, which reamined stubbornly inactive.

"Do you think he'll do it?" Sparrowhawk looked to the others, her blue eyes wide and concerned.

"Yes." The others nodded as one.

"Okay..." Sparrowhawk shook her her head, "so he's really bad news. Perhaps that's why I was allowed to wake up. Maybe this is the moment I prove my destiny. I thought it was..."

Before she could enlarge on that pont, and before anyone could say anything else, the radio buzzed into life. The Grey Tabby hurried over to it, while his goons kept a watch on the Green Man and his party.

"This is the Grey Tabby," the feline felon pressed a button on the console, "who calls me?"

"This is the Department of Justice..." the voice began.

"It's a fake!" Sparrowhawk laughed, "I mean, maybe we Americans have a department wit that sort of daft name, but Britain..."

"There've been a lot of changes, dear." Sir Richard Arcos looked pained. "Sadly, there is now a Department of Justice, with a Justice Secretary. And no, he doesn't answer the 'phone for Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, even if he sounds like he should."

"Speak!" The Grey Tabby's voice was a threatening snarl.

"We do not pay blackmailers," the voice declared. "If you have political demands..."

"The only political demand I have," the Grey Tabby's voice was low and poisonous, "is that you face the people who will die as a result of your stupidity. Professor Hughes, you will activate the device."
"No!" the Professor backed away from the his creation. "I won't..."
A gun spoke, and the professor pitched to the ground. The Grey Tabby turned back to the radio.
"You will soon reap the reward of your stupidity," he laughed harshly, as he pulled a couple more levers.
Suddenly, Sparrowawk moved, turning to face an armed man with only her gloved fists. The Green Man let out a cry of alarm, as the blonde bombshell's fist made contact with the man's jaw. A gun roard somewhere behind them.

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green man fan said...

I felt some tremors upon reading this installment of The Green Man.