Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Nineteen

Lady Sylvia came to in a room light entirely artifically. She sought to clear her muddled head, shaking it. Still, all she could remember was a house in Lampeter and the smiling face of the Grey Tabby. The super-villain's smiling visage re-entered her view, as he noticed that she was conscious once again.

"Back with again, my dear?" the feline felon chuckled. "I would say that I am sorry to have had to treat you this way, but it would be a lie. Ever since you foiled my plans to create an independent republic of London, I have wanted to be revenged on you, Lady Sylvia Vaughan..."

"You know your plan would have failed," the young aristocrat smiled. "Besides, now with Boris in charge, who'd want to live in your ciminal state?"

"That, my dear, is no longer relevant, party-political propaganda aside." The Grey Tabby chuckled menacingly. "For my plans have now changed. You are being held in my new secret lair, under Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth, to witness my triumph."

"And what made scheme do you have ready now?" Lady Sylvia spat defiance, glaring at the masked mastermind. "To turn Wales into your criminal haven?"

"Nothing so mundane, my dear lady," the Grey Tabby turned to a screen on the wall. I intend to blackmail the Biritish and Irish Governments to the tune of fifty billion pounds."

"That's a ludicrous price!" Lady Sylvia's eyes widened. "What could you possibly threaten that would be worth that sort of money?"

"That is simple, my dear," the Grey Tabby's smile widened. "With the help of Professor Cadwgan Hughes, I have consyructed a massive seismic generator - the project that Cardiff University discharged him for even suggesting. That generator is located beneath us. And if my demands are not met, then that generator will be used."

Lady Sylvia gasped in horror.

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