Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Twenty-Six

The gathered fighters for law, order and justice had little choice but to raise their hands and surrender their weapons. Hawkie made to thump one of the armed me, only to have almost every gun point at her. She sighed, smiling sweetly.

"A girl's got to try, hasn't she?" the blonde bombshell shrugged her shoulders.

"They told me you were dead." The Grey Tabby took a step towards the girl in leather. "And then I found out you were a mental vegetable. Now I find that the half was not told me."

"The smell of scum must 've brought me round." Sparrowhawk smiled mischievously.

"And with a line in insults, too." The Grey Tabby took hold of Sparrowhawk's arm. "You seem to be a most talented young lady. Almost worthy of those who bore your name in the past.. Indeed, you look like the one that my father met in Las Vegas."

"Come to the point." Sparrowhawk shook her head. "What's all this in aid of. I mean, you can't destro Ireland from here, can you?"

"Things have changed since you entered your coma, my dear," the Grey Tabby led her into the column, the others following. "In the first place, I recently almost destroyed London twice over. Do not undersestimate me, Sparrowhawk. The Green Man will inform you that is a mistake. Under here I have a seismic generator capable of creating a tidal wave large emough to swamp the entire East Coast of Ireland, and overwhelming Dublin in the process."

"For which you expect to be paid a vast amount of money." The Green Man spoke up. "It won't work, Tabby. The governments of the world don't pay blackmail."

"Even when the lives and property of millions are at stake?" The Grey Tabby chuckled. "My dear Green Man, you know as well as I do that all the anti-terrorism rhetoric is a pose. But you may be right. In which case I hope you took a good look at the town. It may have been the last time you saw it."

The Grey Tabby laughed, as he led them into the bowels of the earth.

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