Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Twenty

"Aberystwyth," the Grey Tabby chuckled, "is located more or less in the centre of Cardigan Bay. Using the curve of the bay to focus the seismic tremors, I shall direct a tidal wave of terrifying force at Ireland. That wave will have sufficient force to destroy Dublin, as well as most of the East Coast of Ireland. Of course, the act of focussing the seismic energy will have the unfortunate side-effect of destroying every living thing on the West Wales coast, but I imagine that the British Government will pay handsomely to avoid that possiblilty."

"They won't pay..." Lady Sylvia lifted her head.

"Then they will DIE!" the Grey Tabby brought his fist down on the nearest desk. "Do not forget, girl, they know what I am capable of!"

"And if they don't pay, you can't use the same threat again," Lady Sylvia shook her head. "With so many dead."

"I will not need to," The Grey Tabby sighed. "There is an elite mercenary group ready in Africa, and they will conquer what remains of Ireland for me, to become my republic of crime. So, you see, I have covered every eventuality."

"And why did you snatch Sparrowhawk?" Lady Sylvia looked confused. "You must have known that her disapperance would bring the Green Man here."

"I had hoped to have a bargaining chip," the feline felon sighed, "but the dolts who snatched her allowed her to get away. Not that that should harm us, given the state that girl's been in for the past decade. But enough of this, I must broadcast my demands to the governments of Britain and Ireland."

"Fifty Billion...?" Lady Sylvia shook her head, "it's impossible."

"When governments can spend five billion pounds a month on a war in a distant land?" the masked mastermind chuckled. "Once my threat is known, they'll have no choice but to pay. Remember, Professor Hughes can build the device I have spoken of. He offered the plans to the British Government, but they rejected it on the grounds that no-one should have access to such a device."
"Think of the casualties..." Lady Sylvia began to plead with the villain, but he only laughed.
"They will be the responsibility of those who refused to pay." The tone of the Grey Tabby was brutal. "Prepare the generators."

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