Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Twenty-One

The Green Man and Sparrowhawk paused in the sitting room of the hotel. There, on the television screen, was the menacing figure of the Grey Tabby, standing in front of a grey concrete wall.

"If my demands are not met," he told the audience, "then the East Coast of Ireland and the West Coast of Wales will be destroyed. The price is fifty billion pounds - I do not care where that money comes from, whether you rich people who have retired to Tywyn and Aberdyfi, businesses, or the Government. As long as I get the money, I don't care." And, with that, the signal faded and normal service was restored.

"Okay..." Sparrowhawk drew back, eyes wide, "is it just me, or is that guy a total whack-job? Do you know him?"

"We have met before," the Green Man's voice remained impassive. "The Grey Tabby is one of the most ruthless super-villains in the world today. He has even tried to use nuclear weapons."

"Gee!" Sparrowhawk gasped, "and I though the guys I've fought were bad, but none of them ever tried to use the bomb. He's obviously bad news. Let's stop him."

"Still the same Sparrowhawk..." the Green Man sighed. "You don't seem to have been at all affected by the last ten years."

"That's 'cause I wasn't conscious for most of it," she smiled sweetly. "Besides," she caught hold of his arm, "weren't you looking after me?"

"Sparrowhawk..." the Green Man gave her a stern look.

"Okay, so there's another," she let go of his arm. "You can call me Hawkie, by the way. All my old friends do." There was a note of some disappointment in the voice of the masked blonde.

"I'm sorry, Hawkie," the Green Man shook his head. "But I'd given up on your ever recovering a long time before I met her. You'll like her."

"I'll try to despise her," Sparrowhawk laughed. "Where do we go from here, pal?"

"The centre of it all," the Green Man spoke calmly. "We go back to Aberystwyth. And we find out whether your father and Ms. Madison have found out anything in the town."
"Race you there!" Sparrowhawk broke into a run.


green man fan said...

So The Green Man is a one-superheroine man then? That should make The Girl in Grey very happy.

The Girl in Grey said...

You bet it does!

Sir Richard Arcos said...

I suspect that Sparrowhawk is yet to be wholly convinced.

Sparrowhawk said...

You betcha!

The Girl in Grey said...

Oh, I can be very convincing, Hawkie. You keep your talons off him, or you'll find out this cat's got claws.