Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Curse: Part Ten

The degenerate aristocrat fell back, as the Green Man moved out of the shadows, his movement slow and threatening. The man gibbered in fear as the bringer of vengeance advanced on him.

"Robin Fitz-Carew," the Green Man's voice filled the cellar. "You have tried to destroy innocent life. You blamed Lord Ambrose Vaughan for your failure, your profligacy - you have no-one to blame but yourself!"

"No!" FitzCarew screamed, "I will have my revenge, I..."

"Your revenge?" the Green Man spoke mockingly. "No wrong has been done to you, yet you arranged to poison Lord Ambrose Vaughan - you lured Lady Sylvia Vaughan here so that you could slay her! You wamted to make that family pay for the fact that they bought the home your family had built! The home you sold so that you could feed your lusts!"

"But you can't kill me." The man smiled desperately. "I know you, Green Man. "You only kill where life has been destroyed!"

"And the poion you had administered to Lord Ambrose would have killed him." The Green Man drew his gun. "Would have killed him if I had not located the poison and given him the antidote. You meant to kill."

The Green Man's gun was lowered at the head of FitzCarew. The finger of the emerald avenger tightened on the trigger. FitzCarew passed out, as the hammer struck home.

And nothing happened. The Green Man holstered hyis gun, as he moved over to unchain the two girls. Lady Sylvia was crying with relief, while Ms. Madison just looked at the Green Man.

"How did you find it?" the blonde asked, eyes wide. "I mean..."

"This isn't just a madman's revenge," the Green Man told her soberly. "I'll explain once we get back to London."

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