Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Curse: Nine

Lady Sylvia came to in a dank cellar, chained to the wall by the side of a still unconscious Ms. Madison. She groaned, looking at bare walls. The chains cut into her wrists, and she could barely see in the gloom.

"So, you're awake." A cultured but cruel voice spoke through the silence of the cellar. "It was so nice of you to come."

"Who are you?" Lady Sylvia shook her head. "What are you doing?"

The man in the darkness sighed, then laughed mockingly. The young aristocrat felt her flesh crawl. There was something utterly evil in the speaker.

"You have to ask me that?" the man snarled back. "After what your family did to me, robbing me of my inheritance?"

"Robbing?" Lady Sylvia drew back. "My brother paid for the house - it was on the market! If he hadn't bought it, then the house would have been demolished!"

"Silence!" the man struck her across the face. Lady Sylvia felt a ring slash her face, hot blood rolling down her cheek. "I will not listen to you, witch! With your drowning at Southend, the curse of Mainstone will be fulfilled!"

"If there is a curse of Mainstone, Robin FitzCarew," a new voice spoke, low and controlled. A voice Lady Sylvia recognised all too well. "Then it is you on which it will fall."
"Who...?" The man in the gloom turned, ""
"You sold your birthright then squandered the fortune you were paid." The Green Man remained in the shadows. "Now you want to destroy the man who bought that house. You have destroyed, Robin FitzCarew. Now destruction will catch up with you."

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