Friday, February 15, 2008

The Curse: Part Six

Ms. Madison and Lady Sylvia ducked, the blonde pulling a pistol from her bag. Her little gun barked like a spaniel, and a man fell from the top of the stairs with a cry, rather like an indian getting shot in an old western. However, he was dead by the time he hit the ground, and did not land on anything as soft as a crash mat.

"And now it's time for a few answers!" Ms. Madison took the innkeeper by the throat. "And' don't tell me you don't know!"

"They forced their way in!" the man gibbered in fear, "made me look after them, told me none of the other guests was allowed to see them. When they left, they left a man behind, said people might come..."

"And they were right," Ms. Madison snarled. "Where did they go?"

"I don't know!" the innkeeper screamed, "really, I don't. They said they were leaving for secure quarters, I..."

"Come." Ms. Madison swept out of the inn, Lady Sylvia scurrying after her.

She leapt back into the car, followed by Lady Sylvia. They drove back to the towers of Mainstone.

"Cursed?" Ms. Madison turned to address her friend. "Or is someone attacking your family?"

"This isn't my family home," Lady Sylvia noted grimly.

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