Friday, February 22, 2008

The Curse: Part Eight

Ms. Madison stepped out of Southend Victoria Station by the side of Lady Sylvia. The two exquisitely dressed blondes looked around them, a little worried by the bright lights and brashness of the seaside resort. Lady Sylvia dodged a couple of scantily clad teenagers, who giggled, clearly a little the worse for alcohol.

"Why are we here?" she demanded anxiously.

"To get to the bottom of this curse thing!" Lady Sylvia flagged down a taxi, the driver of which was only too happy to pick up two people who would not be sick all over the back of his cab. "This is where the last Fitzcarew of Mainstone lives now! The man my brother bought the house off!"

The two girls climbed into the back of the taxi, Lady Sylvia giving an address to the driver. He apparently knew it, for he drove away from the town centre at speed. The girls settled down on the back seat, looking one to another.

"The family had let the house remain empty for years," Lady Sylvia explained. "They couldn't afford to keep it up, so they had to sell at last. Ambrose bought it, out-bidding a demolition expert. But Robin FitzCarew squandered most of the money gambling, now he lives in a bungalow here. I..."
Lady Sylvia's eyes widened, as she saw a white cloud rising from the floor. She tried to cover her mouth, but darkness soon claimed her. As she passed out, she could hear the driver laughing.

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