Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Curse: Part Four

The white sports carpulled up outside the dark, towering bulk of Mainstone Castle. A number of footmen stepped out of the house, removing a couple of suitcases from the boot. Lady Sylvia ran to the door, breathless with anticipation, heels scrunching on the gravel of the drive.

The driver's door opened, and Ms. Madison stepped out, elegant and lovely in a stylish white suit, an orchid at her shoulder adding a dash of colour to her appearance. And, of course, she was very careful to show off her legs as she stepped out of her car, smiling sweetly at her friend, before taking a look at the gothic mansion.

"I came as soon as I could," she explained. "I was staying with Sir Richard Arcos when the Savoy forwarded my call to you. What's this about some curse?"

"Ambrose is suffering from a mystery illness," Lady Sylvia sighed. "He seems to think there's some curse on him and on the house. I overheard some people discussing it."

"And you want me to help you solve the mystery?" Ms. Madison nodded sympathetically. "Where do we start?"
"We start with the pub where I overheard the people," Lady Sylvia declared with feeling. "Get back in the car, Lynette - we're going places."
"I've got my gun," the blonde added with a smile. "And after what you did up north, I'm guessing you've got yours." She slid back into the car, Lady Sylvia running round to the passenger seat.
"And the Green Man?" the brunette asked.
"He'll know," Ms. Madison reassured her.

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