Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blasted Past: Part One

Ms. Madison and Lady Sylvia looked at the crumbling mansion. Hidden in an overgrown park, it was almost impossible to believe that they were only a few miles from London. The girls traded glances, before stepping into the house. It was just as derelict and dilapidated inside, albeit dark and creepy as well.

"Does he always live in places like this?" Lady Sylvia shook her head, wrinkling her little nose.

"I don't know," Ms. Madisin sighed. "All I know is he pays for me to live at the Savoy. If this is a necessary economy, I'm all for it."

The girls walked into what had once been a mighty saloon, now it was in darkness, save for the light of a projector, standing on a worm-eaten table.

"You know that I called you here because of a crisis of previously unknown proportions." The Green Man's voice echoed out of the gloom. "Now you will discover what that crisis is."

"Has someone discovered your hidden identity?" Lady Sylvia asked eagerly, "I mean, do we get to find out who's under that mask?"

"No." The Green Man chuckled, still sinister. "No on both counts. My identity is as closely guarded as ever. What has happened is a far greater evil. Two days ago, a nursing home in West Wales was broken into. The safe was left untouched, and valuable antiques were passed by. Only one room was broken into, and they did not take any item."

"What did they steal?" the blonde looked concerned.

"They took a person." The Green Man's tone was grim. "A blonde woman who has been in an almost catatonic state for the last decade. A blonde woman I once knew..."

"Sparrowhawk..." the two girls gasped together.

"That's right." The Green Man nodded, as the projector clicked, casting the image of a young woman in leather, smiling at the camera. "They took Sparrowhawk."

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