Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Three

The weather was, to coin a phrase, 'changeable', as Ms. Madison's sports car approached the glowering bulk of the ancient country house that was now a private nursing home. Lady Sylvia, wrapped up in a think coat and scarf, shivered, looking uncomfortable.

"Why is she here?" the brunette shook her head. "I mean, couldn't he have moved her a little farther, like Hertfordshire?"

"There must have been a good reason." Ms. Madison shook her head. "There's a secret about her that he's never told anyone, not even me, to do with who Sparrowhawk really was."

The car came to halt outside the mansion, the girls processing to the door, Ms. Madison striding forward as one used to having some authority. Lady Sylvia hurried after her, feet scrunching on the gravel drive.

"You must be here about the kidnapping." There was already someone waiting at the door, a tall, thin lady with dark hair. "Did you know the patient well?"

"Not at all," Ms. Madison shook her head. "But he sent us."

"I understand." The lady nodded. "He has been good to us. All for the sake of one whose mind is lost, who we care for. Her must have loved her very much."

"He must have." Ms. Madison nodded. "And he's sent us to find her. And to visit vengeance on those who took her. What can you tell us?"

"Nothing." The woman sighed. "It happened at night. The men were masked. But they knew what they were looking for. Look... she sighed, I've told the police this a thousand times..."

"We're not the Police." Ms. Madison smiled grimly. "We will find her."

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green man fan said...

The Green Man is visiting vengeance less frequently than he did before. He must be working several black box ops presently as a trembling world awaits the next harrowing tale of justice vanquishing the wicked.