Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blasted Past: Part Four

The chill waves of Cardigan Bay washed the beaches of Aberystwyth. Weeks later, Lady Sylvia Vaughan was lying on the beach, trying her best to acquire a suntan, despite the wind. Somewhere in the little Unversity town, amid its narrow, winding backstreets, Ms. Madison was still searching for Sparrowhawk. Above, seagulls wheeled. There were supposed to be dolphins somewhere, but they are almost impossible to find, so the less said about it the better.

The mobile 'phone by Lady Sylvia buzzed, moving on the flat stone she had placed it on. She started awake, snatching up the little handset.

"Sylv Vaughan," she announced, removing her sunglasses, "I'm out of town right now..."

"I know," Ms. Madison laughed. "I'm in an attic in Chalybeate Street with some local strange guy. Apparently he was there the night Sparrowhawk was attacked..."

"And?" Lady Sylvia looked confused. "Lynette, we know who reduced her to a vegetable. The Green Man wiped him out ages ago. We're looking for the people who snatched her from the nursing home."

"But, before this," Ms. Madison explained earnestly, "no-one knew that someone had seen the attack on Sparrowhawk. That means the story the Green Man gave is flawed. Remember, he said that he'd recognised Sparrowhawk - what if someone else saw her and recognised her - ow!"

"Lynette!" Lady Sylvia shot to her feet, concern written all over her face. "Are you...?"

"The man's got roving hands," Lady Sylvia shook her head. "But my last stop, in High Street, suggested that a blonde answering to the description of Sparrowhawk the nursing home people gave us was seen near Strata Florida Abbey, in the middle of the county. I want you to check that out while I chase this lead."

"Is that wise?" Lady Sylvia shook her head.
"I can take care of myself," Ms. Madison spoke with a quiet confidence. "Now, get out of your swimsuit and start making like a detective."

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