Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Word From Our Sponsors

The Vengeance of the Green Man is brought tou you by Old Mill Beer. Old Mill is brewed using traditional methods by the Bawdeswell Brewery Company, a family company, and is ideal for all the family.

Now Old Mill Beer is prod to present Old Mill Extra Strong Ale, brewed to give a more satisfying drinking experience. Old Mill Extra Strong Ale is ideal after that strenuous day at the office, or when things seem to be getting too much for you. After you drink Old Mill Extra Strong Ale you'll never want to drink anthing else again.

In fact, after you drink Old Mill Extra Strong Ale, you may never be able to drink anything again, since the stuff has been known to cause immediate death, as well as blindness and insanity. But it tastes nice.
Old Mill Beer: Causing Premature Death Since 1852.
Old Mill Beer is brewed by the Bawdeswell Brewery Campany: A Family Company.

1 comment:

green man fan said...

I personally enjoy a quaff of Old Mill when I read each thrilling installment of The Green Man.

I also enjoy Old Mill before: root canals, surgery, falling off of cliffs, and being whacked with baseball bats.