Friday, October 19, 2007

Made to Pay: Thirteen

As darkness fell across the park and gardens that surround Nanteos, lights flicking on in the elegant mansion, a few large cars pulled up outside, bearing all the hallmarks of hire cars. Large and luxurios, these were no ordinary cars, and the people they brought were no ordinary visitors (not that a luxury hotel ever has ordinary visitors). These men kept their heads bowed, as they hurried inside, being met by other guests, men who wore bulges under their armpits.

The Green Man put down his binoculars, smiling with grim satisfaction.
"They're here," he turned to the lurking figure of Sparrowhawk, who looked a little cold, in comparison to the hatted and coated figure of the Green Man.
"So?" Sparrowhawk's eyes widened, showing very white in the gathering gloom.

The Green Man moved forward, putting away the folding binoculars. Sparrowhawk moved to his side. Together, they moved towards the mansion, the Green Man drawing his gun from his coat. For her part, Sparrowhawk clenched her fists. Slim and lovely under the moonlight, she moved forward, the Green Man slowing in his advance. She paused, looking back.
"You have to go first," he hissed. "I shall be behind you."
Sparrowhawk crouched, moving to the garden doors. Removing a pick-lock from her belt, she opened the door and slipped inside.
"Hey!" she started. There, mere inches from her, was a man with a gun. And his fingers were tightening on the trigger.

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