Thursday, October 25, 2007

Made to Pay: Sixteen

The early morning mist hung about the Cardiganshire hills. As the Green Man's car moved along the winding roads, the girl in the Sparrowhawk costume, now without her mask, leaned forward, trying to see through the mist.

"Where are we going?" she asked eagerly. "Is there a master mind that we don't know about - someone who needs to have dark vengeance visited on them in spades?"

"No." The Green Man's voice was grave. Not that that was a change in his normal mood. "But there is one more thing that I must do before this case is closed. We are on our way to pay in full that debt I owe to a very brave young lady."

"But where..." she began haltingly.

"There." The Green Man pointed through the mist. Sian Rule could just make out the haunting shape of a mansion, great and grey, towering above the Trees.

The Green Man's car passed slowly up the drive. Suddenly, the student knew just where they were.

"She's here, isn't she?" She turned to the Green Man, eyes wide.

"That's right." The Green Man stepped out of the car. A uniformed nurse came out to meet him.
"We weren't expecting you..." she told the masked man. "It isn't...."
"I know," the Green Man told her. "But I've got news for her. How is she?"
"The same as ever," the nurse told him, as Sian Rule joined them. "She hasn't spoken for three days and just stands by the window, looking out at the woods."
The Green Man nodded, and let the nurse lead him inside. Sian followed, her heart beating faster with anticipation of meeting the woman whose clothes she wore.

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green man fan said...

Will The Green Man renew his love affair from the past? What will happen? We're on the edge of our seats here!